Fairbury Journal Fairbury, Jefferson County Nebraskab
Thursday, August 10, 1944


Six of 28 killed last Thursday lived in Fairbury

All of the 28 men who were killed when a C-47 transport plane crashed last Thursday night near Naper, Nebraska near the Nebraska-South Dakota line were known in Fairbury and 6 of them maintained homes here.

The plane which had just left the Bruning field and was headed for Pierre, S.D. hit a severe electrical storm, which might have been the cause of the accident.

Army officials said the wreckage was strewn over a two-mile area. Horses and wagons were borrowed from farmers to haul the bodies.

2nd Lt. Williams Franklin Acree lived with his mother and brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Arlie G. Oglesby at 1224 5th Street.

A military funeral was held Tuesday (Aug 8th ?) at 7 p.m at the Christian church for Lt. Acree. Chaplain P.F. Anderson of the Bruning Base conducted the funeral. The base quartet, consisting of Pfc. James Mc Donough, S/Sgt Vernon Bobb, Cpl. Travis Mullins and Pfc. Paul Price, sang. Mrs. Charlotte Henney played the pipe organ at the beginning and close of the services. Soldiers acted as pallbearers and burial was in the Fairbury Cemetery.

2nd lt. Pat N. Roberts Jr. who also lost his life in this crash lived in an apartment belonging to Harry Schenk at 901 D. Street. He was married July 23. Married 11 days

Capt. Robert K. Bohle lived with his wife at the Donna Lee apartment house at 909 C. Street.

2nd Lt. Jack L. Brown, lived with his wife at the E.T. Woods home at 1022 B Street. His home was at Milwaukee(?) near Portland, Oregon.

Lt. Brown's mother was here to be with her daughter in-law who expected to be confined (due?)soon. His father accompanied by Mrs. Jack Brown's mother, arrived in Fairbury Monday (Aug 7th ?)but found Mrs. Jack Brown and her mother-in-law had left for Oregon. They left Tuesday in Lt. Brown's car for Oregon.

(The above sidelight of missed communications will be followed up. DH)

Lt. Lloyd L Hemphill also lived in Fairbury, but his address has been impossible to secure.

One sad feature of this tragedy was that the twin brothers, who were popular at the base, both lost their lives. They were Lt. Clayton R. Jolley, Del Rey California and Lt. Leonard C. Jolley, Fresno, California.

Others who lost their lives in this accident included

Capt. Stanley J. Meadows, Grimes, Iowa.; Capt. Leslie B. Roberts, Brooklyn, NY: 2nd Lt. Bruce S. Patterson, Cleveland, O; 2nd Lt. Herbert A Blakeslee, Eddiville, Nebr.: 2nd Lt. Donald J. Clarkson, Kansas City, Mo;;
2nd Lt. Richard E. Brown, San Leandro, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Richard E. Brown, San Leandro, Calif.; 2nd lt. Jack Lytle, Morton, Texas; 2nd Lt. William O. Armstrong, Mineral, Ill; 2nd Lt. George E. Boeckmann, Charlotte, N.C.; 2nd Lt. James C. Burke, Jr. Milton, Mass; 2nd Lt. Robert E Nesbitt, Chicago, Ill; 2nd Lt. Millard F. Arnett jr, Short Faimont, W.Va; 2nd Lt. Lavon Sehorn, Klamath Falls, Ore;

2nd Lt. . Arthur Johnson, San Diego, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Gerald C Keller, Middletown, Md; 2nd Lt. . Anthony Palandino, Los Angeles, Calif.; 2nd Lt. Bernard W. O'Malley, Little Rock, Ark.; 2nd Lt. Leland Al Pope, Oklahoma City, Okla. F/O John F. Albert, Chicago , Ill. and Sgt Orson Hutslar, Springfield, Ohio.

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