Dale Hueske..Notes in talking to DB

Dorothy Bunker had talked to the group of pilots the evening just before they took off. She was a secretary and not a BX clerk but she remembers them coming into the BX to get some sandwiches to take on the flight She remembers they ordered 13 something and 13 something else. Or twelve something else. And she remembers that somebody said that "he will be getting back to her" or something like that, or "we see you later"
I will have to get this all confirmed.
Dorothy was one of the first women hired at the Bruning Army Air Base. yes they did have P-47?s there. And they don?t remember, Dorothy's Husband was there too, and but he doesn?t remember whether they had flight training or aircraft or did they have the total flight training and gunnery also.

There is a large amount of information that Dorothy has accumulated over the years. Send her stuff back as soon as possible, all copies of your information, She and Jim are very alert and very sharp. They are good friends of Virginia Prefert.

Side note.The Bunkers live for a while in the Hastings Nebraska area and knew of Dh and his family. Eugail Reed, Ray Donn, Al Boden, A lot of people have called Dorothy about information on the Fairmont AA Base. But, she can?t pinpoint what exactly they were doing with that information. Specifically about the air bases.
She and Virginia Prefer were aquainted quite well and good friends, both of them are very irrevenscent and out-going and accommadative. Dorothy has two great big scrapbooks. She give me some great stuff that was very interesting.

The time is 11:30 on the 15th of January 1999.