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UNDER CONSTRUCTION ... The Naper 28 website is now fifteen years old. It is getting a new 2014 look with much better alignment of the great stories.
The new website is being built in-house by Dale H.

Larry Carpenter, Dale H and Dewaine Erickson plus others have boxes of great information relating to the crash that never made into the old Naper 28.


This website is dedicated to the
28 WORLD WAR 2 Airmen who lost their lives at Naper Nebraska.

This story began about the first of November, 1998 when Dale Hueske, a retired businessman and Retired USAF Korean Jet Fighter pilot, decided to check out a vague story of a single WW2 aircraft accident somewhere in Nebraska that claimed the lives twenty six new pilots.

He did know that the flight started from Bruning AA Field near Bruning Nebraska.

That hazy story had been bothering him for then too many years.

After making a call to the the Bank at Bruning Nebraska, the president suggested that he contact Virginia Priefert, the current Bruning Army Air Field historian. Virginia said it was a true story but due to the War Time news restrictions very few facts were ever known .

dh was hooked!

In viewing the recently released government documents and in retracing the events leading up to this accident Dale H realized that he had a deep emotional connection to those 28 airmen.
He hoped that this gathering of the facts of the accident will provide closure for himself and all the others who have now become involved with this tragic event.

Briefly the facts are as follows...

During World War II, a military passenger plane (C-47) disintegrated in flight near a line of violent thunderstorms in Northern Nebraska, a few miles Southwest of a small town called Naper. There were 28 fatalities representing the crew and all passengers. Hence the name The Naper 28

The singular and most unusual element of this story is, with the exception of a Flight Surgeon passenger and the aircraft crew chief

all of the passengers and crew were P-47 fighter pilots.

The Crash occurred .. 2025hrs (8:25PM) August 3, 1944

A deep sense of gratitude from Dale H to Dewaine Erickson, Larry and Vi Carpenter, Virginia and Stub Priefert and Pat and Becky Healy. Their valuable advice and efforts in the research made this website possible.
(All involved consider Larry C and Pat H to be the best "people finders" going !!)
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